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Missing features of N9 — compared to N900

In firmware (MeeGo)

Nokia already confirmed, it will not fix:

  • Skype — video conferencing is not possible
  • Support for many Instant Messaging protocols is missing (Jabber, MSN, etc.) — Nokia will not fix it However, a third party application is available that enables many more messenger protocols such as Jabber, MSN and Aim etc.
  • virtual keyboard not hiding when bluetooth keyboard is attached — again, Nokia will not fix it but a community fix is in the works
  • Calendar — there is no "year view" — like many other calendars — Nokia is not going fix it (an "piss-off" attitude)
  • J2ME (midlets) — mobile Java applications — "we are sorry but…. piss-off!" However, a Port is currently in the works as it is necessary for the ongoing porting of the Dalvik engine
  • Nokia Suite is not working after firmware update — due to management decision, new software is used — only Windows 7 version, and again, this time piss off Windows XP users! A work-around is using the old PC Suite, or using syncevolution or iSync if you own a mac

Open problems

  • Web Browser — text selection/copying is not working
  • Web Browser — Flash missing
  • Web Browser — Java missing
  • (Web Browser — unable to copy/paste in address bar) It is therefore recommended to install Firefox and Opera as alternative browsers
  • Skype — adding skype account can (in some cases) remove all contacts from Skype server, seems to be the same bug as on the n900…
  • PAN/DUN networking does not work (connecting to Internet via Bluetooth, through PC), but the phone offers a build-in hotspot as a work-around

In 3-rd party software

  • Opera Mobile — portrait mode is not working (strange, because in N900 Opera is working in portrait mode). Also vibration-feedback is not working and the package is officially only available in rpm format, which makes the installation a bit tricky

In Hardware

  • no hole to attach neck-lead
  • no HDMI output
  • no IrDA

Features not known by many users

  • Quick-start menu (describe it, with link)
  • Task manager — reverse-pinch, to see more applications running (describe it, with link)
  • Keyboard — swipe left/right to change language (among these set in Settings —> Time and Language —> Text input)

Overall impression

Avoid Nokia N9 — even Pocket Mod "paper PDA" will give you more functionality than N9. You can probably get more support on Human Rights & Democracy from Iranian government, than technical support from Nokia. However, the community on is highly active, and since the N9 allows you to run full featured armel-linux packages and will soon also run Android apps it is a good choice if you're looking for something special

If you would like to be satisfied buy mobile with Android or iPhone. (even though the GUI looks somewhat old fashioned compared to swype on the N9, and you have to send a lot of your personal data to US-based companies which can not guarantee your privacy due to the US law)

Remember about Good Engineering Practices

In order to prevent disasters like Nokia N9, I would encourage you to read Good Engineer Blog. Maybe It will be possible to collect general guidelines what is good and what is bad when designing the product

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